About Us

Naturgaz Natural Gas Import & Export Co. Inc. took its first step to natural gas market, which is a developing energy sector in Turkey, by receiving wholesale license from Energy Market Regulatory Authority on 04th October 2007. The company’s headquarter is located in Ankara. As being alive to security of supply in supply chain, it  aims to supply natural gas to customers in a competitive market. Our company actually took place on 01st January 2010 in natural gas market. It still provides customers’ natural gas demand within the scope of customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

By taking an active role in supply chain of natural gas market, our aim is to provide natural gas demand by placing importance on security of supply and proper conditions based on customers expectations, with adequate capacity on founding of competitive natural gas market.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide natural gas from the cheapest source to our customers with inspiring from the Kaizen Philosophy’s continuous development principle.